20 May 2023

VSH Shipping-AmCham Business Breakfast Event

The VSH Shipping and AmCham Suriname Business Breakfast Event proved to be more than a meeting—it was a journey toward the future. Attendees delved into the pressing need for an Industry Park, a strategic initiative holding the key to unlocking unprecedented opportunities for economic growth and sustainability.

The Imperative for an Industry Park:

Participants explored the critical role of an Industry Park in fostering collaboration, innovation, and economic resilience. Leading experts shared insights on how such a park can serve as a catalyst for industrial development, attracting investments, creating jobs, and positioning Suriname as a hub for strategic industries.

The event provided a global perspective on the success stories of Industry Parks around the world. Attendees learned from international case studies and understood how these hubs have transformed economies, driving innovation and providing a conducive environment for businesses to thrive.

The VSH Shipping and AmCham Suriname Business Breakfast Event was a successful journey, exploring the imperative need for an Industry Park in Suriname. We thank everyone for being a part of the conversation that is shaping the economic landscape of Suriname for years to come.