27 November 2023

Round Table - Young (Rural) Entrepreneurs, Banking & Technology

Join us for the Round Table - Young (Rural) Entrepreneurs, Banking & Technology event, a key event in the dynamic series presented by AMCHAM SR in collaboration with the USAID, where we will gather in person to discuss the exciting intersection of entrepreneurship, banking, and technology. This event is designed for young entrepreneurs, particularly those from rural areas, who are looking to explore the latest trends and opportunities in the business world. On Monday, November 27, 2023, at 19:00 (Suriname Time).

Key Themes:

  • Technological Empowerment: Discover how cutting-edge technology is reshaping the financial landscape for young entrepreneurs in rural communities.
  • Innovation in Banking: Explore the role of innovative banking solutions in providing crucial support for emerging businesses in non-urban settings.
  • Digital Transformation: Understand the transformative power of digital technologies in fostering financial inclusion and propelling rural entrepreneurship forward.

Participate in this thought-provoking Round Table to contribute to the dialogue that is actively shaping the future of international trade. Gain valuable insights, exchange ideas, and become a driving force in empowering the next generation of rural entrepreneurs through the convergence of banking and technology.

Secure your spot now and join us in charting the course for innovation and sustainable growth